The Intrepid Financial group is a Canadian investment bank with a focus on natural resources and technology sectors.

Over the past twenty five years, the Intrepid team has invested in both private and public companies using the ‘Intrepid Approach’. 

We go beyond our initial financial investment by supporting our portfolio companies on an on-going basis. This support can include general management, or specialist operational, advice; the supply of experienced non-executive and executive board members; further financing support as required and marketing advice relevant to North America, the UK and mainland Europe.

From our corporate offices in Canada and the UK, we select the right investments for the group using a wealth of talent drawn from a team based in both Vancouver and London.


The name Intrepid was coined from the famous Canadian soldier, airman and spymaster Sir William Stephenson whose wartime codename was Intrepid. During World War II, Stephenson (CC, MC, DFC) was a representative of the British intelligence for the entire western hemisphere and epitomised Canadian British co-operation, and what can be achieved by a small highly focused operation with clear goals and good leadership.



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